'Twas the Night Before Christmas

So, I get what I call “mind worms”. Persistent little thoughts I can’t get rid of until I write it out. After following all the drama over 2.0, the PTU and all the crashing and complaining, and with the holiday almost here I wrote this. Don’t judge me, I don’t pretend to be a poet. :mrgreen:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the verse,
not a server was stirring, I started to curse.
As clients were crashing and stalling abrupt,
Discord exploded and the forums blew up.

The backers were restless and demanded an answer,
while theories galore were spreading like cancer.
My wife rolled her eyes as I shared my dismay,
“It’s just a damn game” she started to say.

I cut her off fast, to save her from shame,
“It’s much more than that, it’s not just a game!”.
My cause defended as she walked from my view,
I dashed to the net, to look for a clue.

The trolls and haters were out in full force,
casting doubt and confusion as a matter of course.
Whilst fanboys lashed back to lay our fears at rest,
“Nothing is wrong, it’s pre-alpha at best”.

Then out of nowhere an instance appeared,
The GIM had recovered despite all our fears!
The load screen appeared, perhaps I could fly?
But all hope was dashed, I started to cry.

Code Zero! Code Four!
Code Seven and Eight!
Code Zero! Code Four!
I’m getting irate.
Crash to the desktop!
Timeout or Kicked!
Crashing! More Crashing!
I think I feel sick.

So now on to Reddit for advice or a hack,
“This config file will fix it” said some guy named Mack.
I guessed “fix” meant a black screen, as that’s all I had,
Kill task to start over and now I feel sad.

Whats this!? An alert? On Discord for me?
“Tune in to the livestream”, an answer you’ll see.
I follow the link and who should appear?
The Chairman in person, and not in good cheer.

He sat himself down, then took a sip of his rye.
His eyes stared right through me, I turned the volume up high.
He reached for the camera, and zoomed it in tight,
“Go to bed you bastards, it's Christmas Eve Night!”

Lol nice!

Hahaha! Well done!

Happy Holidays, ADI.

Nice! :laughing:

But the night before Christmas is my Birthday and I want to play. :astonished: :sunglasses:

Merry Christmas! :smiley:

thats a great poem!

good one… smiles on this end

haha realy a good one, this makes me smile :wink:

Ha! nice

well done