TS Bluetooth device as PC input

Was thinking of using a bluetooth device such as a ts tablet as inputs to my pc and SC. I have found some information about it but can’t find any progs/scripts that will make it a parallel ctrl device with the normal keyboard and other peripherals. The info I have found so far suggest it can only be used as a substitute for the standard keyborad.
Or will just work without any scripting?

I can’t test it yet, I am waiting on my new wireless adapter with bluetooth.
Anyone has any experience on the subject?

In other words:
How to establish a virtual serial port connection or USB between my pc and another bluetooth device?

Of what I understand of the subject is that you want to connect a tablet or a phone to your PC to use it for your PTT Button?

That is completely possible however you’d need to install the thing with the whole keyboard on so when ever you press the button on the button on the device you’d transmit on TS.

Not exactly, no.
Instead of using i.e. a Touch Buddy I would like to use my tablet, like here:

BTW: This is NOT my flightsim.

I were also wondering why the f*someone would use two monitors.

Should be possible with custom code. Also may be easier with WiFi

Well I found what I was looking for, from someone on the RSI forums : [url]http://power-grid.roccat.org/en/Store/Grids/[/url]

Here is a pick from the Falcon BMS interface: