Trying to find a joystick

So my truck is in the shop today waiting for a new fuel tank (long story) so I decided to go looking for a decent joystick locally. I have come to the conclusion that this town sucks. So far the only one I found was at best buy. Some cheap logitech pos, I’m pretty sure the joystick itself weighed less than the box. I want a X52, had one and loved it. I tried arena with KB/mouse and decided I won’t go back until I have a joystick. I can’t think of any other brick and mortar stores that would carry one.

I am selling a used one

I know most people like the x55.
If you use the amazon link up top the org gets a small percentage. Though I can understand not wanting to wait around :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m doubt you’re going to find a box store selling a joystick worth buying, except maybe Fry’s.

When I last used a joystick, the Microsoft Sidewinder was the cool kid in town.

I am currently using my 360 controller while I try the game. It works decently. I am wondering if the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X is a decent buy? It would likely be the only hotas I would consider for my skill level and level of commitment to the game.

What job/division are you in right now :wink:

Currently none. I haven’t even been approved yet. I check on my app status every 5 minutes! :laughing:

But seriously, I’m still deciding what ship to buy. Most likely I won’t be flying any fighters.

Then I wouldn’t worry about a joystick, for a freighter style ship MKB is just fine.

Also, I’d suggest looking at the Mustang Omega > Avenger route, you can get into that package with an AC Pass for ~$35 and it’s probably the best all around single seat ship in the game today.

Hey there, I am new to ADI and saw this post. I am trying to decide what ship to upgrade to and was looking at the Mustang Delta which says its a fighter, would you suggest the Omega over that? Inevitably I will probably just go ahead and upgrade to a Hornet Ghost or FCM but sort of want to build up to that and get to know the lesser ships first.

After more play time I feel like a joystick might be a fun investment, especially for the smaller ships. I think I would prefer to use a single stick as opposed to HOTAS (I don’t see me being a serious player and the wife might frown at that much hardware).

I am currently considering the Thrustmaster T.16000M. It’s a decent price, has good reviews that I’ve seen and looks to have enough buttons. Does anyone here have experience with this joystick or have their own opinion of it?

From a precision standpoint nothing beats the T.16000M for the price. It’s only downside is limited on-stick buttons.

I’m running a dual stick setup with two of them.

Do you have any issues with keymapping on 2 of the same periferal?

i have the x55, awesome hotas setup. wouldnt go back. Go on go hotas! :slight_smile: ur wife would understand lol

SC detects both sticks, so anything that can be bound in game can be bound on any button on either stick.

I have my right stick bound to pitch/yaw with roll on twist and my left stick bound to strafe right/left and up/down. Weapon group 1 is on right trigger, weapon group 2 is on left trigger, 3 and 4 are left and right thumb buttons on right stick. Mumble is on right center thumb button. Left stick thumb buttons are for brake/boost and throttle is on left hat (as well as left slider). Missile lock/fire on left center thumb.

The only “hiccup” I’ve had to work through is binds that aren’t in game. Mumble voice activation, to be specific. For that I used the TARGET software and doing that has produced some minor issues like no longer detecting the right stick hat in game. I got that fixed yesterday by specifically binding the hat to hat functions in TARGET and the functionality returned. I also haven’t been able to get the TARGET stick curves to work in game, so sensitivity adjustments so far are using the in-game curves.

I’m using VoiceAttack with the ANNA profile, primarily for systems/power management and targetting, which helps with the “lack” of on-stick buttons.

TrackIR arrives tomorrow.

I’m getting my X55 today and CH Pedals tomorrow :slight_smile:

Where is the best source for configuring the X55 to work great with SC? I’ve heard a lot about XML files and so on… It’s my first HOTAS if you couldn’t tell