Trying to be recruited

Once Orgs came out, I was hit with this invitation to join another group. His bragging did not phase me.

wow, what a powerful recruiting message, not.

I watched a pvp game on YouTube or Star Trek online. It’s basically world of Warcraft except u can kinda move in 3D but still super restricted, un realistic flight

Star Trek Online is not a simulation and makes no attempts at presenting itself as one. It is a MMORPG set in Star Trek. Kinda fun, but the only thing it has in common with Star Citizen is that you have space ships in space, and a ground section that can be sort of FPS’y.

FPSy as in you have to be pointed in the general direction of the target to hit it? :slight_smile:

Haha, I think I found new inspiration for recruiting copy :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont consider ADI as “small” tbh just normal size

His 17 members compared to our 55? Hmm. His definition of “small” is… odd.

It smells of desperation… we’ll be something big someday so you should hop on right now.

We’re not huge, but we’re in the top 70 largest guilds in SC… he isn’t in the top 200.

Don’t forget he has a fleet of “star trek PVP’ers” that will join his group Once Star Citizen is Released! He will be way behind the power curve.