Trollkind greets the ADI verse


Sup people!? Name’s Trollkind (no trolling involved, just a very old nick).
I’m looking forward to some fun with a couple of equal minded lunatics, that type that buys far from finished games because they look to awesome to be real! Mining, exploring, trading, fighting…I wanna do it all, but none of it alone.
So…what else…? I’ve got way to much gaming experience but I have the feeling, I’ll be in good company :slight_smile:

See y’all in the verse!



Hello and welcome Trollkind,

LOL - yes, your equal minded among us despite the criticism of SC. I will say that things are developing very well and it looks like we’re over the crest towards final release with Beta sooner then later.

Have you looked at any ships? Any of them interest you?


Welcome to ADI Trollkind,

This ORG is filled to the brim with great people with great positive attitudes. I can’t wait to see you in the verse after your on-boarding is complete.


Welcome, Trollkind! I have a feeling you’ll fit in just fine around here. Let’s party up soon and bring some of that lunacy to the 'Verse!


Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Trollkind!


Greetings, Troll! I see that name and Im looking around for some LOTRO toon! Welcome to the family and I can assure you that there are plenty of us that will fit most of that description, as far as this game is concerned. Now the lunatic part, seek and ye shall find! See you in game!


Thanks for the warm welcome!
@Cauzway: I like versatile ships, I guess. Anything able to be multi-purpose and still pack a punch. The Cutlass and Constellation Aquila comes first in mind. …A long road from my tiny Aurora


Greetings Trollkind,

I hear what your saying, Chris Roberts and his people have made lots of promises and if they are able to keep half of them this Star Citizen thing is going to be epic. Glad to be in the same org as you. Let me know if I can help in any way.



welcome to the game and to the verse Troll what ever you want to get involved with we have a group of like minded people for you if you have any questions just let me know :slight_smile:


Greetings Trollkind! Yep SC has something for everyone and all that’s required is the work to learn the trade lol welcome to Atlas


Welcome to ADI Trollkind :slight_smile:

Lots of things to do in SC.
You should be able to find people to fly with on Mumble and Discord so hop on.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome Trollkind! Such a fun name in the old sense of the word troll - (thinking LOTR and older) and I agree SC is going to be a fun place to enjoy the game with others.


Welcome to ADI Trollkind. I’m a survey scout. ADI is all about letting you focus on what you want in the game. There’s lots to do be it flying, law enforcement, mining, shipping or just exploring the black. There’s lots of experience shared among the members of ADI so don’t be afraid to pose a question or ask for assistance. I look forward to working with you.


Welcome to the org, Trollkind. I’m also a fan of the versatility you find in ships like the Cutlass, Constellation, Carrack, Endeavor, etc. With so much to do (eventually), it’ll be nice to not have to stop and change ships too often (especially with full persistence). See you in the 'Verse!


Welcome to ADI, Trollkind - good time to join, lots of activities going on. I’m having a blast. Welcome, again.


Welcome aboard Trollkind, look forward to seeing you in the verse. Fly Safe.


Welcome to ADI Trollkind =D, cant wait till we see you in the verse


Greetings Trollkind, welcome aboard to ADI, glad to have you here! You definitely have come to the right place to have a great group of friends here. Hope to see you soon here in the 'verse!