Trokaaja intoducing

Hello, I’m a 45 year old guy living in Finland. I got to SC around 2017 since the concept of a large space simulation with all the different aspects included was fascinating to me. I played EVE back in a day for a bit which lacked the simulation side of things.

SC wise I’ve been doing mining, some fighting on Arena commander (along time ago) and trading, when it still worked somewhat.

Other games that I’ve played recently and still do more or less when I have free time are Squad, No man’s sky, Planetsie 2 and Stellaris.

Some of the games I don’t play so often right now are Post scriptum, Rust, SCUM. Also tried out iRacing and Dirt rally 2.0 at one point as well.

Phew, that list got pretty long.


Welcome Trokaaja, welcome to ADI. What ships do you have ? What time zone are you in? looking forward to meeting you in Mumble, where we are most evenings Eurotime (or afternoon if your US.) Sharpe

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI Trokaaja. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Hey Trokaaja and Welcome to ADI!,

Make sure to check out the Calendar on the website to see when the next Mining Op from Mining and Salvage is scheduled to be. They are really well organized, fun to participate in and get to know other members of the ADI.

Trokaaja, welcome to ADI! Being in an active Org really elevates the SC experience. It’s a good change of environment, you’ll love it.

Thank you for the warm welcome guys! Sorry about the slightly hasty intro. I forgot to write it before attending the introduction in Mumble. I’ll improve it in a bit!

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! What ships do you fly? Also, Planetside 2 is awesome :smiley:

Welcome to adi !

Hi Trokaaja! We have a bunch of people active in your timezone, hopefully you can find some folks here who share your schedule. Never been to Finland myself - closest I got was Latvia.

JonesE will be glad to hear another Squad player is joining, as he’s just started running ADI Tactical FPS events where Squad is a popular favorite. It’s not on the official ADI calendar as it’s not a SC event, but here’s a link to it. Glad to have you aboard!

Welcome to ADI Trokaaja. Yeah, a shame that trading is no longer the bonanza it used to be (maybe when Quanta is implemented). Mining is still pretty good though. See you out there,

Welcome to ADI Trokaaja,
We have quite an active mining organization and with the latest changes to mining I’m sure you will have fun mining with us :slight_smile:

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