Transferring files to new comp

I’m hoping someone can help me avoid resetting all of my in-game options to include my HOTAS setup.

Which folder or files do I need to transfer over from the old to the new comp?

I looked in the folders I would assume and nothing stood out.

Not able to get SC open with my old 780ti in the old machine. I assume a setting is an issue.

Llydon, I use this for my HOTAS keybinds (then edit) when each patch drops.

Look at the ‘how to section’ he describes the path for the XML file and then gives instruction on how to action under in game commands. You’ll have to take into consideration your file name but I think it’ll work :neutral_face:

Since I set everything up straight in SC options I thought there would be a UI setting type file like most games have.

If you go to the Advanced Keybindings menu in-game and save your HOTAS keybindings as a new profile, it should appear, as a file that you can copy, in your USER folder, under Controls > Mappings. Basically also how you transfer your control setup to the PTU.

@Llydon You can find all your key mapping profiles in RSI/Starcitizen/Live/User/Controls/Mapping folder. Copy all you want to keep and place them in the same folder on new computer. That should transfer them all. If you haven’t saved it from in game yet, do that first and that is where it should save it

One thing I have done over the years is seperate running and operating system files from my creative and gaming files into seperate hard drives. So when I do clean installs and rebuild my pc. All I have to do is wipe the one drive and leave my gaming drives and my HDD’s full of video content alone just plug them in to the new one.

Just thoughtful advice.

Oh, Cloud storage.

Perfect, thank you!

just remember not to use cloud storage for private data.

Exported and imported. it would pick up the keyboard but not the HOTAS. Attempted multiple ways. I’m just going to set it up from scratch.

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