Training with a T.Flight Hotas X vs an x52

Hey there,
So I set up Falcon BMS for training, launched it, and everything went smoothly. Well, at least I thought it was smooth, until I found that my joystick x axis wasn’t working. I played around with the innards of my X52 to discover that the sensor was broken. Now I don’t where to order a new sensor. So I RMAed it.

All I have left is my brother’s T.Flight Hotas X. Is that enough?

The HOTAS-X uses older technology than the saitek HOTAS, and doesn’t have good programming software… Other than these 2 issues it’s fine.

There are guys using them, and they work well enough just know the sticks limitations and you should be fine.

Thanks for the reply, I have it up and running. It works decently, using the keyboard is sort of a pain though. I’ve also tried FaceTrackNoIR, which doesn’t work well, but that could be a lighting issue.

Update: I solved the FaceTrackNoIR issues, basically I inverted pitch and distanced myself more from the camera.

The higher resolution your camera is, the better as well.