Trading Larinite/Titanium

So Saturday I got on to do some trading. Had a buddy on another server at Bezdek and he was only able to buy around 46 SCU of Larinite. I flew over to T&M and was only able to buy 7 SCU. I waited around 15 minutes and nothing changed. I figured it might just be an issue and swapped servers to check and got the same results. So I decided to wait until 3.10 came out to play. Well I got on today and see that its the same thing. I can only buy 7 SCU at T&M and after 20 minutes of waiting, nothing has changed. So the implemented a ninja fix to the larinite runs or I’m bugged. Anyone experiencing these same things? I just want to make UEC in order to buy some other in game ships to try out. I dont want to rent them. I dont want to borrow them. If CIG has nerfed larinite/Titanium runs, well it looks like I’m taking another break from this game.

Titanium had limits on it also but i did not bother to remember them.

The unlimited commodities was a bug. They fixed it (server-side fix) over the weekend.

Apparently, not only did they fix the oversized respawns, but rumor has it they also implemented server meshing for commodity sell/buy. So server hopping won’t help any more (although another rumor says that it’s per-region, so the US supply and EU supply are separate, but all US servers share the same commodity pool.)