TrackIR does not work on SC 2.0 ???

I got a brand new TrackIR 5. I installed the software and TIR is working.
Now, I open SC 2.0 and it does nothing when I move my head…

Is this happening to all of you?
Apparently somebody reported that TIR does not work on 2.0, but I find it hard to believe… Here is the report: … contribute


Yeah, they broke the trackIR implementation in 2.0 and didn’t bother to fix it. You’re definitely not the only one who’s annoyed. No real ETA on when it will be fixed either.

Don’t get too discouraged though. Still a great product that works for other games (dont hate me for saying that, I bought it specifically for SC too) but it WILL be implemented; might just take some time though. Until then, I guess we have time to perfect flying without it. Just hope it wont be too big of a step when they finally add it back in.

Oh, darn it. What a bummer! I read so much about how good it is for flight sims… I have MS Flight Sim Demo that came with the X52. I might try it to see how it works there. I am really not playing any other games at this time.

Thanks for the feedback, folks.

You will have to try it in the flight sims so you can atleast see just how good it is. You will be glad you got it.

yeah I was bummed out upon coming back to SC after a few months of inactivity that trackIR support is broken in 2.0.

Try “War Thunder” game. It’s available free on Steam. The support for trackIR is phenomenal in it!

Lets face it Track IR wasn’t exactly working correctly even before, you’d often end up looking at the inside of your own helmet.

They had fixed that issue for the last few patches, after a year of asking for it.

i am pretty sure TrackIR was never fully implemented and tested(just random luck it worked in some previous patches) so noting is broke imo.

i managed to find one workaround for this so far: … orkaround/

it dont work for everybody but most people having issue with TrackIR in 2.0 had good results with this workaround, hope it helps.

TrackIR did not work with the Flight Sim X Demo version. So, I got MS Flight Sim X for $5 before Christmas (I think now they have it for $13). I tried TrackIR there and it works perfectly. It is quite nice. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the workaround! I will pay a look at that.

It is funny. CIG would not donate even a digital Murray Cup Poster hanger flair but the administrator yesterday when I went under for more surgery sent a request to NaturalPoint about a Track IR if they thought it might work in my situation.

NaturalPoint wrote back within a couple hours and said “lets find out” and they generated a shipping label and donated a TrackIR 5 w/ TrackClip Pro Bundle. I sure hope we can get it to work with my position in the bed with me not being able to face the monitor directly.

And I was very happy to see it works in Train Simulator 2016. Here is looking forward to it working with me at all and then in SC! :smiley:
This is generous of NaturalPoint. (hmm, does it work in War Thunder too?)

I had tried my trackir5 in sc 2.1.1 and it doesnt work for me either .If you guys notice any change write a replay because i am eager to train with trackir5 and my x55 cfp1 still awaits me.

Unfortunately with 2.0 trackIR was broke. When will it get fixed…your guess is as good as mine. I do not think at this point in time it is very high up on the priority list. I had read some post on SC concerning this and form what i gather in the posts is that TrackIR was not officially implemented, but was more or less a fix that Natural point provided so it would work. How accurate that is, I have no idea.

I just wish they would get it back on line as it does make the experience so much better.

We should vote that error report as “can reproduce” to give it higher priority. Here is the link:
SC-3284 trackIR not working in Alpha 2.0 … contribute