Track IR

Just got. Not sure if I want to vomit. Or if my eyes are going to explode.

Slow it down some, and just take your time…

Im using the file from tech support that was made for ADI. I turned down the sensitivity to about 1.6. I also need to get the “proclip” vs the standard. In due time I guess. But I also know how to program XMLs thanks to Zark, so I can halp others if needed.

You’re going to tell me all about this.


Just upgraded from TR4 to TR5. Quite a noticeable difference. Much smoother while also feeling more loose. It’s good but odd. LEDs are distractedly bright compared to the 4 though. Debatable if it’s worth the $70 extra though. My TR4 from circa 2008 is still just fine.

TR5 is only needed if you sit close enough to your monitor to need the extra FOV… a proclip is much more important imho.