Touch screen tablet & Ipad for 2 peripherals

I have tested out Roccat Power Grid as interface to use touch screen & Ipad for secondary peripherals.
Must say, this is awsome. You can find the RPG here: [url][/url] It’s free to use. Connect your devices with WiFi on your local net. You can pair multipel devices. It is very easy to make your own configed grids, you can config shortcuts, macro’s a.s.o, very cool.
I have tested it out and the installation was Plug & Play, no hickups at all.
What one of the Falcon BMS grids looks like, picture, atm I’m working on another custom grid. Goal: to play Falcon BMS without using the keyboard.


I’d suggest looking at Touchbuddy or Helios, both of which are a better fit for this type of work.

You’re going to run into issues with some of the critical functions using that software… Knobs, 3 position switches, and MFD’s come to mind.

I use a touchscreen for all my sim and flying games, and it’s a great help not having to look around the cockpit to do stuff.

My plan is to build a Helios profile for SC for all of us to use.

I am sure you are right.
I was just thinking to use some of the hardware I have, rather than buy something new. :slight_smile:

Touch screen monitors can be had for $50 or so on ebay and give you a lot more functionality.

With WiFi? WoW, thats cheap.

No, a touchscreen monitor that hooks to your PC.

Touchscreen is just half the battle… the other part is placing it so you can reach it while in flight… kinda hard to pickup an ipad and press buttons while flying the plane in combat.

Exactly, thats why I build a bracket to place it just above my js. Just like in the Aurora, gonna be awsome. :slight_smile:

Well, I myself finally got TouchBuddy setup for BMS. I’m also using the Roccat Power Grid for the ICP so I don’t have to swap between screens in TouchBuddy. Once I have my own touch screen for my computer I’ll switch to Helios so I can configure all of the buttons on one screen. Plus it would be nice to have working MFD’s on the screen.

Touch Buddy is good, but I’m not a fan of having to click more buttons to switch to different panels.