Hey Guys.

I am extremely new to Star Citizen.
Just started playing for real April 3rd, 2018.

I am 40 years old, Swedish but do have some family in Cleveland, Ohio.
I have quite a lot of gaming experience in various types of games on PC.
FPS, RTS , the lot basically.
I work a full time job but still manage to get a lot of game time (do not ask me how)

I am always open for new contacts.
Currently playing SC solo but would like to get to know some people playing this game and hang out.
I am very casual, do not prefer pvp but can do it.
I prefer the industrial or trading path.

Mostly I just like space in general so I guess that is why I am playing this game.
I speak Swedish and English ofcourse, but do understand and speak a bit of several other languages too.

I guess that will be all for my introduction.


It’s great to meet you and welcome to ADI. I hope you’ll find that we have a very great community that is a part of the great Star Citizen universe. Star Citizen is an exciting game, and I think working as a team will have some great advantages.

You’ll fit right in with our group, I also find the challenge in the work-life balance, and I agree that gaming on the PC is fun.

Make sure to add me to your contact list, and jump on mumble if you haven’t already. Send me a message if you have any questions, or post directly after this post. If you ever need a wingman or crew mate, I’m happy to help.

Welcome ToriHanzo, It was a pleasure getting to know you and I too am a space fanatic. I look forward to gaming with you in the future.

Glad to have you on Tori, can not wait to be on a convoy with you. Economics and Trade will be a great fit, if you want to focus towards trade.

Good evening Tori, glad to have you on board with the organization. You’ll see that the group is also pretty laid back, but will respond to anyone in need of assistance, be it about ships, locations, ideas and concepts… and if in a predicament, call and see how fast we arrive. Again, congrats and see you in the PU.

Welcome to ADI, ToriHanzo! You’ll definitely be able to find people to meet and fly with on our Mumble server. Be sure to jump on and get your onboarding if you haven’t already.

Welcome! I look forward to flying with you!


Welcome to ADI ToriHanzo! Nice to have more fellow scandinavians here in ADI. I’m Finnish, but I also speak some Swedish. Trade and industry interest me the most as well so hopefully we can fly together some time. See you in mumble.

Welcome ToriHanzo!
Sounds like we like the same type of gameplay. This is a great time to join.
I’ll be saying hi when I see you in the black.


Would you happen to play Overwatch? I have to ask based on your username haha.