TOMORROW, 2/27 (at least in North America)

ADI Members!

This is your slightly-less-than-23-hours-ahead-of-time reminder that we have two full membership meetings tomorrow, February 27th - please try to attend at least one (whichever is more convenient for you) as we have a lot to cover with everyone. (You’re welcome to attend both if you choose.)

Evening EU Meeting:
14:00 CST / 20:00 GMT / 07:00 Sydney (2/28)

Evening US Meeting:
20:00 CST / 02:00 GMT (2/28) / 13:00 Sydney (2/28)

As always, these and other org events can be found on the calendar ( You can also find instructions to add ADI’s Google calendar to your own, with the added benefit that it will automatically convert the events to your own time zone.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

I’ll be there!

unfortunately, i work 12:00 - 9:00 CST so i may be late if the meeting goes past 9:00 pm CST.

Might be able to make it around 2100 if the meeting is still going on. Not sure though

I’ll try, but more than likely the wife will have me working in the yards all weekend… damn women! :laughing:

The earlier meeting works for me; I’ll be present.

Sorry guys I have a show tomorrow at 9 PM CST so I will not be able to attend

I will be attending the EU meeting but will avoid voice coms where possible as 6:30am is not a suitable time on a Sunday to wake up the household.

I’ll do my best but I will be advertising adi with my shirt at the Cleveland comic con with Apollo!

PSU is busted :frowning:
Can’t attend sorry.

How do we join? Mumble? I didn’t see any logistics information.

Mumble, we’ll be in the meeting room.

I won’t be able o make it as I’m out of town and in the middle of some serious interviews for work.

Is there any way I can find a recording or the meeting or a breakdown of the general topics? I feel really bad I haven’t been particularly active and now have to miss this.

Evening EU Meeting:
14:00 CST / 20:00 GMT / 07:00 Sydney (2/28)

Present and online on mumble and website. :smiley:

As I’ve posted in the generals tap I don’t have Internet to join ( it’s been so for 2 weeks ) if it was discord I might have been able to do so but unfortunately I can’t , I’m really sorry gentlemen … :frowning:

Thanks for having this meeting. It was quite informative.


My apologies; I am unable to attend.

I second IsoDidact - if possible, please post a recording, meeting minutes, summary, etc., of the meeting. Thank you.

Thank you for hosting the meeting. It was very informative.

Sorry, but I can’t make it. I had a gig at the first date and won’t be home at 2 am gmt.

The NA meeting starts at 2am GMT.