To those of you who look for a multi monitor stand.

Look no further! … k-stand-v2

Takes up to three 27" display side by side and a fourth on top(3+1 config).

I own this and it really lives up to its name. was best investment ever i have 4 x 27" monitors on it now. 3 wide for surround with NVIDIA and a 4th up top when i switch to video editing.

Wow that is wayyyy too expensive. I got mine from amazon for like $98 USD for my 27’’ monitors.

3 widescreen + 1 on top is super nice. I wish I had that now. But what I have works well.

I got this triple-monitor Ergotech a couple of years ago. I have been very pleased with it. I have 3 24" on it now, it could take 3 27".

I initially ran 3xLandscape at 5760x1080. While that was great for driving games, it pretty much sucked for everything else. 1080p is simply not enough vertical pixels for anything productive. I then switched to 3xPortrait, 3240x1920, and that has been pretty awesome. You see past the bezels once you get used to it and that’s not a factor.

However, SC is not optimized enough to run a 6 megapixel display with anything I care to pay for. So today I switched it to one landscape in the middle with 2x portrait on the wings. Games get the one center screen, vertical productivity stuff can go on a wing screen, and if I need to I can stretch a spreadsheet or whatever 4080x1080.

Now that I’ve done this, I’m free to upgrade the center monitor … hmm.

We should maybe make a forum for hardware thats not support related? So we can post user reviews and guides in it.

We have some multimonitor stands listed in our store! :slight_smile: