TnT4E Greetings

I was ganked at the download page by a recruiter! However it was very exciting and I am thrilled to learn more about the game and become a member of ADI. Quite impressed with the organization !

Well see if you watched your back better I wouldn’t have been able to gank you! Hahaha, Glad to have ya! Obviously you didn’t really feel ganked or else you wouldn’t be here! Tell us some more about yourself! What kind of ship are you flying, or which ship do you most look forward to trying out once you hop into 3.0?

Hello TnT4E and welcome to ADI! A new player huh? What aspects of the game are you most excited about? Have you played any space sim games in the past? If you have any questions please let us know. You’re welcome to PM me here or on Discord any time.

Welcome explosion sound effect. Haha it was great talking to you on mumble today. ADI is a great place to learn. The org is full of good people that like to help. We will make sure that you are a pro on the game in no time. I’m excited to play some missions with you. See you in the verse. Let anybody know if you have any questions. We are all here to help.

Welcome to ADI TnT4E! believe me the excitement is just beginning, great group of players we have here, glad to have you with us, feel free to look me up if you need any help, see you in the Verse’

Hi TnT4E,

Great to have you onboard. Indeed you’ll will learn quickly when you hop onto mumble and hang out with us.
What division did you join and in what role?

Bye changenl

Hi TnT4E, Welcome to ADI! our recruiters. We are always happy to help out, feel free to reach out. It can be a bit of a learning curve, but once you have the basics, its not too bad. See you in the verse.

Thanks everyone for your warm welcome… So far ive been spending all my time trying to figure out why my system is so unstable with this game… Ive spent two days and today i tried all the VC Redistributables. Lets hope!

Im initially joining the exploration Division. Im stil quite a newb, but I also just received my Thrustmaster Hotus today, so quite excited to try it out.

Exploration should be a pretty exciting place to be! Good luck with your PC.

This organisation is very impressive. Well thought out, organised, and focused on the members. Everybody here is great :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI TnT4e

I hope we didn’t gank you to roughly in the initial invite!

Feel free to touch base later if you find me on mumble mate.

Welcome to ADI TnT4E, don’t worry form now on you will have someone to watch your back and go in for some revenge as well, I will see you around.

Nice division and things fly better with with a hand on throttle and stick!