Tis I...Xscape

Hello everyone! I have been a part of SC for a while now. I am hyped for 3.0 for sure! Looking forward to flying and fighting with a good group of people.

Welcome Xscape!

Hope to get in game with you soon! Was great meeting you and welcoming you to ADI today :slight_smile:

Thank you for all of the help!

Xscape! Welcome. You found them, (good group of people). Should be awesome when we all get to experience the crazy hype fest of 3.0. :smiley:

Hi Xscape,

We’re really glad you’re here with us at ADI. 3.0 is an exciting patch for all us, and what better time to join? I look forward to getting to know you and seeing you around. Be sure to hop on and play some games with us :slight_smile:

Welcome Xscape - I think we’re all waiting (impatiently) for 3.0. Looking so forward to new things to explore and activities to participate in. Welcome to the org!

welcome Xscape! look forward to flying with you soon…3.0 here we come!

Thank you very much for the warm welcome!


I cant seem to get enough of the 3.0 hype lol

Hi Xscape,

welcome to the Org. We are all waiting for the 3.0 release and hopefully, i don’t take much longer and we have it before the end of the year (i hope this for myself). Have a nice time until then flying in the 2.6.3 PU and make a lot of new friends here at ADI