Tiredpopeye - New Member


I have been dragged into this organization through FrostZone.    

I mainly play Fallout 76. But I will play other games when I decide I have too much money and need to burn it.

I thought your name looked familar! Welcome to ADI Tiredpopeye. Lookingforward to seeing you in the skies sometime,.

Welcome to ADI looking forward playing in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Tiredpopeye :slight_smile:

Sounds like FrostZone dragged you to the right place. He was also the one that got me in.

If you have or when you have extra money to burn we can always use one more in the the Verse of SC.

Hope to see you soon.

Welcome and see you in the verse!

welcome to the org tiredpopeye its about time haha no matter how much you play or dont play i hope you have fun with us anyway catch you in the verse

Welcome Popeye - is that what we should call you - or Tired :slight_smile: Star Citizen is looking better and better - it’s a good time to get dragged into the verse. See you around the verse!

Welcome to the org, Tiredpopeye. Hope to see you in the 'Verse.

Welcome to the Corp Popeye! what part of the Org are you joining?

Welcome to ADI Tiredpopeye,

Feel free to join us in discord and mumble, aks your questions and we will be glad to help you. See you in our special org missions or just at the bar in port olysar. Cookies are free for new members of ADI.

See you around there and somewhere in the verse.

Hey Tired, good to see you with us :smiley:

Hey Buddy glad you can make it on here man =D glad you could join us

Welcome to the Org officially lol

'bout time!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Tiredpopeye!

Glad that you finally joined us! See you around the verse!

Hello and welcome,

Ah the ol’ADI friend trick! We think you’ll enjoy it here. Have some kool-aid.