tips on my next upgrade

im a self taught computer techie
so wanted to get some feed back on whats best to upgrade for sc
present i have

2.8 6core phenom2 adm cpu
16gig 1600mhz mem
gta 1050 ti 4 gig ram

2 1 terabyte hds
1 120 ssd
1 240 ssd

Welcome to ADI. Glad to give my opinion

Drives are good, I’d install Windows 10 to one SSD, install games on the second SSD, use the HDDs for storage/videos.

GPU is good enough for Star Citizen, at least for 1080p resolution.

Your biggest hit will be from the CPU and DDR3 RAM. Can’t speak much for AMD, but on the Intel side if it is older than 6th gen, it takes a pretty big hit in frames-per-second in the Public Universe.

All that said, if it were me I’d try it anyway as is just to see what performance you can get now. A patch is due out end of this month that “might” get a bit better performance. If it is something you can live with for now, I think it is highly advisable to wait until at least fall for RAM prices to hopefully drop a bit. Also, Intel has promised new 8th gen CPUs this fall to address the Meltdown bug, so that might affect prices and options then.

thanks ive now had a good try of the game im geting 10-12 fps on pu max
i dont have a lot of money so what intel cpu would you suggest
i dont want to waste money on a cpu that is no good ive always had amd
so im a complete newbie to intel

Not sure where you’re at, but in the US you’re looking at 500 to 600 for a new motherboard, ram and cpu.