Tip for Warthog js users.

I got my hotas warthog and i understand why it costs what it does …ITS AMAZING !!! but …theres one downside to it wich can be cheap and easy to fix .
The problem for me was the thumb trigger on the stick, it has a really annoying edge and and hurt my thumb from using it and i found that a pack of playstation gamepad for the thumbs (cost me 4 dollars or so ) fit like a glove and no more sore fingers :slight_smile:.
Obz out !

You mean these things?

amazon.com/PlayStation-Thumb … B00JTWUMJY

yea thats what i got …sorry if i wasnt making sence …being from denmark i tried my best though .
wasnt that exact model but the same kind of covers …tkz for the link im sure others will find that helpfull as well :slight_smile:
Obz out !