Timing Issues

Recently, I had a blue screen for the first time with this build, last week. Since then, when I shut off my computer, it doesn’t keep time accurately. I have do the manual update every time I turn my computer back on.

Further, sometimes even when it is running, I have to update it. Does the CMOS battery need replaced or is it something else?

Even if your CMOS battery is dead/dying, as long as it has power you “shouldn’t” have a problem. However based on past experience with time sync issues, I’d recommend clearing the CMOS (depends on your motherboard). If you doubt the battery, they are cheap so go ahead and replace.

Time issues are typically caused my CMOS. (seen it so many times)
If clearing or flashing the BIOS doesn’t produce results - Replace the battery, since that’s a quick one. (couple bucks at your local store)

Can anyone give me a run down on how todo that?

Just setup internet time and it will solve itself automatically:

windows10update.com/2015/08/ … me-server/

@jay That’s what I do but I have todo it every time I turn on my computer as well as sometimes when I’m on it for Lo get than an hour. That’s why Iooked deeper.

Check your MB documentation, sometimes there is a jumper you move to “clear” ie short, your CMOS.