Timezone calendar

Hey folks,

quick q. I see the calendar has weekly events planned into it… What timezonze am I looking at?

US central. It says in the calendar page, upper part of the page.

If you use GMail & Google’s Calendar -
You can scroll to the bottom of the events page.
Then add the ADI Calendar to your Google account.
The best part – It will auto-convert the times to your local timezone.

thanks guys…

for me that kinda sucks lol… my evenings are always full…

will there be US flight training? their gametime usually more of my liking

8pm CST on Friday’s is the US Flight Night, and sometimes we have stuff scheduled for Saturday’s during the day US time.

thats 3 am my time… I can live with that hahaha …

We also have a Friday Flight Night time scheduled specifically for our EU members.
That starts 6 hours earlier at 14:00 US Central Time