Timestamps on the website

I’m on Pacific time, UTC-7. The website is showing me timestamps in UTC-8. I’m curious if anyone else is seeing this, or if this is something local on my end?

Odd - timestamps show up as CDT for me (won’t cite UTC because I don’t know how DST affects that), which is what everything on the site should be (or so I thought). Maybe something in your user settings?

Hey Mobius,

If you look undearneath where it says Board Index > Public > Technical Support you’ll see User Control Panel. You’ll click that then click Board preferences I believe it is. In that menu you’ll find your UTC. Daylight time is just adjusted one hour ahead or plus 1 hour of UTC. So for me I went from UTC -6 under CST to UTC -5 under CDT. That’s my understanding of it anyway.

Oh I see you have to manually turn DST on and off for your time zone.

Hey I got a question. Is the time for i.e. Meetings on the calendar automatically adjusted for individual timezone or is it UTC?

The calendar is in Central time (CST), if you want the time in your time zone easily, use the Google Calendar (just scroll down on the calendar page to see the link).