Thurim introduction


I registered an account about a year ago on RSI when I bought the base package, and I received an invite from ADI.

I recently bought a more capable computer and am now very hyped about the release of the game and its patches, so much so that I upgraded and melted my package to what I have now: Cutlass Black Package (melted from a Freelancer) and Squadron 42 add-on. I also decided to substribe as a Centurion, for the perks but mostly to encourage the release of information about the game by its developpers.

I would like to touch to everything the game has to offer (the Cutlass Black being a more than capable ship for most jobs). I played a lot of EVE online and Elite Dangerous in the past, and I am now awaiting the release of Star Citizen. I never really was part of a large organisation (my choice of the Cutlass permitting solo play), but I am ready to help in any way.

What more to say… I am a university student in the Environmental management sector, and I’ve had a couple internships in non-profit org and municipalities.

If you have problems understanding my choice of words, I may be because I’m a French Canadian from Quebec.

Thank you for considering me as part of your clan.

Welcome to ADI Thurim, enjoy my oboarding with you, feel free to ask questions otherwise see you in the verse :smiley:

Howdy Thurim, and welcome to ADI. Glad to have another Drake fan in the group. Hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome back to ADI, Thurim! It was fun chatting with you in mumble last night. You were perfectly understandable to me. You will find that even English only speakers will often pick the wrong words so no need to apologize for that. If you want to try out any other ships, feel free to ask. See you around!

Hey Thurim I’m also from the french part of quebec! Hope to party up in the verse in the future :wink:

Welcome to ADI Thurim nice to see another person form Quebec join the org if u ever got any questions just ask

Hi Thurim, welcome to the org.

I also played a lot of Elite Dangerous, but have still goals to meet there, the last missions i mostly was Taxi for rich space snobs :smiley:

Hoping, that the patches will make SC more usable on my current PC, but maybe i need to upgrade sooner or later.

See you in the verse :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the game, Thurim. After four years of good services, I also had to send my old pc to sleep, sadly. But anyway, with a new Graphic Card, better processors and fresher ram, Star citizen got suddenly interesting again.

And well concerning language, don´t worry … We all have our special idioms … I also love to toss around words between my native language and english. But anyway, it worked good enough to survive onboarding yesterday

Welcome to ADI Thurim! lot’s of old EVE and Elite players around here. Sure you fit in great! See you in the 'verse! o7