Thrustmaster Warthog & Saitek pro combat rudders

Another day, another attempt to get HOTAS working :slight_smile:


  1. Do not, i repeat, do not use T.A.R.G.E.T. software with SC unless you really really know what you are doing
  2. ADI xml config file (1.1.2) may have some problems with 1.1.3 so i decided assign keybindigs from the scratch
  3. Profit

I’m not sure how, but i managed to get the throttle working normally. Though now the only way to adjust joystick curves are in game and i’m still confused which joystick number corresponds with thruster and which with pedals. I guess it will be trial and error from now on. I still would like to get pedals inverted and optimize the joystick accuracy for dogfighting.

With HOTAS i feel like i’m actually flying the ship. Gotta get TrackIR too for better immersion, plus a proper gaming seat instead of rolling office chair :wink:

Story of our lives! :slight_smile:

Yes generally you don’t need TARGET unless you want to flesh out the usability of the devices. I’m currently busy with a TARGET profile which utilises the IO/UMD layers to make available in access of 280 buttons / actions at any given moment. will upload it in the forums once complete. might be another week (month or year) depending :slight_smile:

I also have a mapping visualiser in the works which should make planning out your keys a bit easier, allowing for import from and export to Star Citizen XML format.

Should work fine as long as you change your input type to HOTAS… it get’s confusing since it doesn’t list the different devices though, but at least it picks it up fine.

for me (i don’t have pedals), the stick = 1, thrusters = 2. so I guess your pedals might be 3?
As for the inverted pedals… you’ll probably need to run the software to invert your axis. not sure what software the saitek pedals come with?

The TrackIR is an excellent addtion! Also, try out VoiceAttack. fairly cheap for a cool gimmick in-game. take the time to set it up correctly though. but once done, it helps loads.


I use Warthog since day one.
I connected the Hotas and when I go to my peripherals I see the graphical icons of the Thruster and the Joystick. The system have recognize them perfectly.

My Thruster (ingame saying Joystick 0)
The Stick is Joystick 1

I have the combat rudder peddals I did not use them once in AC, I tried them once but they had problems with SC (its now nearly 2 years ago) since they did not work I put em to side while playing Arena. I have em when I am playing real aviaton games. But that depends on what you wanna do and how you want to play. At the moment I dont see a need for it.

I have also xml. for Lightcurves and Heavycurves - I fly with the lightcurve it makes the Warthog and the Joystick in general more sensitive while in Arena.

I also have the provide files from ADI which I now getting used to them but everything step by step (have not changed my keybindings for years now so its a bit difficult to get use to the new setup)

I also have TrackIR and its a blast. In every game. Once you have it you will never regret it. In arena commander there I have disabled/unchecked the axis entirely they are not needed to be checked because at the time being they are bugged.

Could be that there is not that much love go round for the WT - but hey…nevermind I LOVE MINE…Since I paid over 300 euros to get it… :slight_smile: I am going to use it no matter what :stuck_out_tongue:


Not meaning the thread hijack, I’ve been trying to get TrackIr to work for a while. I’ll give that a go, Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

It’s been awhile since i made that original post. I haven’t been very active in Arena Commander lately, but i did buy that TracKiR and VoiceAttack. I haven’t had any regrets, though VoiceAttack indeed required a lot of customization to get it to work for me. It kept misunderstanding my words pretty badly. Maybe because my english is a little bit rusty :blush:

Anyways, i’ve built myself a decent cockpit and i enjoy flying more than ever. Can recommend the same to anyone. However the latest patch seemed to mess up my joystick setup. I cannot change some bindings and SC doesn’t recognise my throttle and pedals anymore. According to Issue Council others have experienced the same. Hope it will be fixed soon.