Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog on sale

Hey guys,

Only around 12 hours left on the deal

Was browsing reddit and stumbled across this, I don’t know particularly how good of a deal this is (especially since I can’t visit amazon at work) but it seemed like something someone might be interested in. … NT7CSKUFU2

Can anyone tell me if this would be a good investment? Pros/cons? I haven’t really been looking into joystick/hotas yet so I don’t know much.

Edited the link so the org will get credit for any purchases.

The Warthog is a fantastic HOTAS system. I got #1417. :slight_smile: If you play DCS A-10C you need this stick. Flying goes from functional to natural. All the buttons and switches are where they are supposed to and using the planes systems is effortless.

It’s 20 pounds of solid steel construction. The switches are thick and chunky. Everything about this is high quality. All the controls are smooth and responsive.

The only drawback is lack of yaw controls, so you’ll probably want to invest in pedals too. It also takes up a lot of desk real estate!

Works natively with DCS without the included TARGET software. I’ve never had to use the TARGET stuff for other games either. You will want to update the firmware.

If you can afford this, get it. Best HOTAS I’ve ever used (used Saitek, CH, Thrustmaster, Microsoft, MadCatz and probably more)

It’s on sale again, $399 with basically free Combat Rudder Pedals: