Thoughts on Orion - On sale friday for $325

How viable do you think mining will be? Also, the ship will be LTI right? At least the first time on sale?

Source on “sale”: forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … -16#latest
Source on price: forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … nt_4453020

More importantly ,what does it look like?

The initial sales for concept ships are LTI.

Since this is the first concept sale I’ve paid particular attention to, do they also include a collection of CCUs as well, or just packages/standalone ships?

I’am still split if I should get one. Cost so much.

To get one I atleast have to sell my retaliator. Might even have to get rid of the Super hornet to.

From past history of concept sales,

Just the stand alone with a hangar (prob the asteroid one) and the ingame model of it for your hangar.

Under grades and CCUs will not be available as their are not current variants of the Orion and the ship is not AC Flight ready.

I plan on buying one from the concept sale and then CCU to another one down the line towards the opening of the PU.

Echoing what Raximus said, usually CCU’s only appear when the ship is AC flight ready. I’m thinking about getting one too…

And… here’s their design post on mining and the Orion! … ers-Mining … g-Platform

I like the rotating rings around the middle, I guess that’s where the ore goes! Looks pretty sweet (and less ugly than I would have expected for a mining ship!)

Industry/Mining has always interested me and after seeing the Orion I couldn’t help but to get it.

You can take me away from Fleet sec. I will when I get home sell my Retaliator and Super Hornets and get the Orion.

I would like to to be transfered to the Mining Division.

They talked about the hired Npc you can use, but what about extra character I got can he also be used as a specialised minning operator?

I’ve melted my Connie package for my Orion.

Seriously looking forward to getting to see it in-game.

Ohh, Didnt realize that I didnt have to pay vat when using store credits. Now I got 100$ left.

I now have 1 Aurora and 1 Orion Mining ship. Will get 1 more package so I have 2 characters.

Echoing NimmaG, can’t wait to get in game with this puppy and destroy a belt!

Well i picked up a orion myself to use to make cash…If im in my carack one of yall can use an operate it…So that option is always there…Ill be flying a lot in my carack im sure. Also my superhornet…

Based on funding statistics, it seems they sold around 1500 Orions (500 000$ over the recent norm) on the 21st (+ those bought from melting)

I think many in europe used melting.

I picked up one as my first ship. I figured if I was going to go in on something it might as well be something that was going to make me some UEC right from the start. That way at least I’ll be able to buy the rest of my ships when all the real fighting starts.

I’m banking on mining being a viable means to make creds. Thinning down my fleet and picked up the Orion as my “production” ship. As it comes with LTI I’m hoping I can loan it out when I’m not using it as well for extra credits on the side.

Passed the $$ dreams, I like the look of it, might look into refitting it and seeing what other roles it might be able to pull off. Imagine if you can turn those rotating pods into hangers, (probably not but still… lol)

Only two more ships on my to get list, Vanguard, and Crucible, for fleet ops.

That would be cool if the rotating pods could be converted into hangers, but highly doubtful, haha. From what I read, I don’t think you can even store “regular” freight units in those pods - they are specifically meant for mining raw (unprocessed) ore storage.