Thoughts on Joystick setup?

I’m having difficulty settling on a joystick configuration.

I keep going back and forth between a Dual Joystick setup, or a HOTAS, and even wondered if a HOTAS + Second joystick is a viable option? What are your opinions?

A second stick is a waste of time IMHO… might work in combat won’t work in PU, too much pilot fatigue.

How would it cause fatigue?

how are you controlling the throttle?

not 100% sure, the second stick i was thinking would be strafe L/R and Vertical up and down

was considering a dual joystick setup myself, or perhaps configuring all the strafe moves to the keyboard and playing with one joystick/throttle in my main hand.

Ive been checking out a Saitek Pro Flight, what are anyones thoughts on this ? Is it truly worth the buy?
I want to be apart of the combat pilots, and ive been told i best get a hotas system.

Any help here would be greaat.

~ Beetle

I have the Saitek X-55…
And I gotta say Im not 100% totally satisfied. When the stick Is centered, It can wiggle a bit. Meaning Its a bit loose.
That makes It hard, at least for me, to be very accurate when aiming straight forward. As It jumps a tiny bit when crossing center.

The adjustable tension for the throttle could be better. I guess the “rubber” inside doesn’t rly wanna let go at the lowest setting (loose)
Kinda need to “warm up” the throttle before gets smooth and loose :slight_smile: leave It 3 min and Its back
Just bought It 30 days ago so with time and wear the throttle problem should disappear.

All In all tho Im truly happy with It. Got loads of buttons, axis and POV’s. Feels smooth In turns. Its heavy enough to stay put. And the extra springs and software makes It very adjustable.
Ill be picking up an TrackIR or Oculus Rift for turret/head tracking anyway. Which makes my precise aiming problem vanish :slight_smile:


Have you switched the spring to the highest tension yet?

Also, you want a throttle that takes specific pressure to move… you want slow and fluid movements on the throttle, not quick movements.

I’d stay away from a yoke based system.

I have the 2nd highest spring tension on atm. That wont remove the small wiggle thats there. Its the way Its put together

Also, you want a throttle that takes specific pressure to move… you want slow and fluid movements on the throttle, not quick movements.

True that. Exactly the problem. Those plates or rubber doesn’t apply even tension inside. Its not that fluid and smooth when at a loose setting.

I guess my question is, if you make it a lot tighter does it become smooth? As for the dead zone, and ridges… you may need to disassemble the gimble and use band paper to remove the edges from the molding process.

Hey ^^

First “real” post here, to talk a bit about my own setup and the takeaways I got from it.

I got an x55 right now which is pretty good, but I also tried a dual joystick setup (the stick from the X55 plus a T16000M). It requires quite a bit of practice to get used to it, and the longer sessions are very hard on the arms/wrists, even with the smallest spring on the X55. Additionally, I didn’t feel like I was more accurate than I am with the X55 throttle (since it has a smurfload of HAT switches, one of which I’m using for the thrusters).

All in all, the dual joystick looks badass but I didn’t feel I got much from it. Might only be personal experience and it might work for you, of course, but I’d still recommend going for a HOTAS setup or at least trying to see what HOTAS you can get for the same price as the two sticks you’re interested in.

Regarding the 55, I agree that it has a bit of wiggling when it’s centered. It’s a bit annoying. Another issue is that the rudder (Z) axis is a bit too hard, many people recommend using some dry lubricant to loosen it (like graphite or teflon). I’ll try that this week but apart from that, it’s a pretty good joystick. It’s quite expensive, though, maybe a bit too much for what it is (I’d value it at around ~150-160€ instead of 200).

Hi guys

Just my 2 pence here. I just started off recently with a Madcatz V1 joystick to try out some other space sims (X Rebirth) and started to use it on SC. I noticed that the trigger was very temperamental, I was be firing away and my guns would just stop firing. On inspecting the control panel I spotted the trigger input would cut out for a split second when keeping it depressed. In a combat situation this turned caused the guns to stop. Not good!

I went back the store and bought a X52 instead. I’ve tried out on single player swarm just to test out the preloaded profile for the X52 and I found it to reasonably well (profile that is). I modified the button the layout slightly and put mapped all the movement commands to the throttle stick (space brake, strafe thrusters and afterburner). Remapped some of the firing buttons and HATs for viewing, and reloaded the swarm single player.

I was very impressed with the way the X52 handled, the stick felt light to move around but not excessively, I could track target reasonably well and with practice, get better. I haven’t noticed any play in the stick at all but no doubt a bit more time using it will show its true colours. I loved the throttle with the space brake, made it so much easier to pivot and get a track on the my target, then hit full throttle to bare down on the next target.

ADI Training Team publishes xml files for all the Saitek sticks and the Warthog… I’d strongly urge you to switch over to that profile… A lot of time and effort went into the profile and the exact button placement for the quickest and best results on all the sticks.

My x55 Will be here today (April 8) so ill get that set up after i get off work and use the XML from our site :slight_smile:

I have to admit that I’m new to flight simulator gaming. I think the last thing I played that involved a joystick was old school Air Warrior on AOL. That said I can’t stand the Keyboard & Mouse setup, I was thinking about getting a Logitech Extreme 3d PRO [url]Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick - any thoughts? I also have a 360 controller setup, but I thought that may be worse than the Keyboard & Mouse.

Thanks for the help!

The 3D pro has some good reviews. This being said, if you’re opened to spending 10 more bucks, I’d strongly recommend the Thrustmaster T16000M. It’s cheap, has a lot of buttons, and is very comfortable. Plus, if you ever want to switch to a dual joystick config later, it’s ambidextrous.

Regarding the Xbox 360 controller, I tried it on Elite: Dangerous and it’s pretty ok. Actually, one of the best E: D pilots (an ace trader who can slip through any blockade) is using an X360 controller, so I don’t know. It depends if you’re comfortable with it or not but if you are, it can be enough.

Don’t waste your money on cheap joysticks… If you’re going to climb into the big boy pool, get a decent HOTAS.

Saitek x52/Pro
Saitek X55
Thurstmaster Warthog

Even a low cost solution such as a Saitek X45 from ebay for $40.

I have a Logitech 3d pro and it works pretty well. I have lots of control and is a very good joystick to start with. The only thing I don’t like is the throttle. It is very hard to use in a formation where everyone is going a certain speed. I’m going to buy a new joystick before the release but I’d like to see the joystick that RSI is trying to develop with some manufacture. If it has bad reviews I’m going to get a warthog. I have till the end of the year to save up and should have enough to buy any joystick I want or at least I hope so lol.

Thanks for the info. Isn’t there a way to match speed through a shortcut?