This is the way

Whelp, it has arrived. Official Mandalorian trailer


This looks amazing.

I have spoken.

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This is the way.

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It is known.

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This is the Way, October 30th! Just hope that force user in the shadows is a Jedi and not a Sith.

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Excited! Can’t come soon enough!

Rosario Dawson as asokah tano… enough said

I wonder if she is a Jedi Shadow now?

Hard to say how they will portray her. At end of Clone Wars, it seems like she has at least left the Jedi, but is still a light side force user. I am super excited to see how they fit her in

You mean a force ghost? I doubt it since baby Yoda is the only force sensitive one that would be able to see her in that case

Jedi Shadow …

Dubbed Shadows, and mostly made up of elite Jedi Sentinels, these Jedi became what their name suggested; shadows of themselves and the Jedi Order. Working in secrecy, the First Knowledge Council would hand pick the ranks of this task force and send its members to locations strong in the dark side of the Force, in hopes of vanquishing whatever artifact or dark side practitioner that may be causing the disturbance. Often engaged in information-gathering roles, Shadows were always sure to obtain all possible data on their target before making a decisive blow against them. Due to their missions, Jedi Shadows were often noted for being loners with a black-and-white perception of the world around them. This could manifest itself as paranoia, wherein they saw signs of the dark side in everything, including their own comrades. As such, they were often deployed cautiously and only in times after a great conflict. Shadows did not hesitate in their duty and were willing to betray those that they considered evil, but they often practiced restraint, as they recognized that their definition of such foes did not always match those of the Council. Some among their rank believed that more aggressive actions were needed in order to destroy the followers of the dark side.[5]

Shadows usually use double-bladed lightsabers (lightsaber staff)

However, what I think would be cool, film producers think otherwise like Rey being either a Jedi Shadow (because she used that staff at the beginning) or becoming a Gray Jedi. I just may have to stick with Revan being the closest to a Gray Jedi. There’s the light, the dark, and balance and that is what a Gray Jedi is or I guess a Gray Sith too.

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