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Sigh… I hate Lorville.

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Is that… how the… whaaaaaaaaaaat???

At least the landing gear is down :+1:

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“Liiike a glove” - Ace Ventura

That isn’t the only Lorville shenanigan occurrence, landing/taking off sucks for some vehicles.

What is worse, is you can not crawl or walk on the ceiling to get to the pilot seat and use vector thrusting to take off and right yourself because the game mechanics do not allow it (yet).

I just waited for my ship to be impounded and then sold my cargo and retrieved my ship. But in my opinion, everything about Lorville sucks: Arrival/Departure corridors, small landing hangars, finding trains and having to take a train to sell cargo, way too much empty space (could be 1/10 the size it is).

I’ve gotten use to the TO/Landing corridors so they don’t bother me anymore. But you are right that after landing travelling all the way to CBD, two trains, followed by a long walk is a time sink. I’ve started to make a sale at CBD my last event of the day and just log off there.

For the most part, Corridors are not an issue for me too. It’s everything else in between … lol

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