Thinking of trading in for a Freelancer... opinions?

Hi gents and ladies! Ugh its been a while… been too busy with work.

Anyhow, since I am part of “Commerce, Mining & Logistics” division, I was thinking that I’m going to have to be a little bit more productive. Therefore I’ve been thinking heavily about acquiring Freelancer Mercantile. Currently have Aurora CL, Mustang Alpha and Avenger. Now I was thinking (correct me if I’m wrong) that there’s no point of keeping Mustang Alpha since I did get an Avenger, and if I am going to get a Freelancer, there’s no point of keeping Aurora CL.

So What I am looking for here are opinions and suggestions. Should I get the store credit for Mustang Alpha and trade Aurora CL for a Freelancer Mercantile? At the moment I am not looking for a big crew ship per se. But other than a Freelancer, I don’t think there are other alternatives as far as the price range goes. Mainly this is for cargo hauling purposes.

Thanks in advance!

You really have 4 good choices all from MISC in the 1 to 2 crew cargo ships…

  1. Freelancer
  2. Hull-A
  3. Freelancer MAX
  4. Hull-B

Any of those would be a good pick.

Thanks JayC. Now the temptation is there to get the Freelancer. Only thing with Freelancer MAX is the sacrifice of the weapons for bigger cargo capacity, and it turns me off lol. Out of all the options Freelancer is going to be the next ship that’ll be flight ready before others. Maybe I’ll just invest in a Freelancer mercantile and (hopefully) by the end of this year the game is going to be fully out, i’ll work on getting other ships within the game. Hull B seems very tempting. We’ll see how much that’ll go for when it’s out.

Keeping a lot of ships is probably not a good idea either considering the insurance aspect, especially since I have no LTI on all 3 of my ships. Keeping a ship grounded without insurance all the time, kinda defeats the purpose of having that ship anyway, heh. I think I’m going to trade my Mustang Alpha. Aurora CL might come in handy at some point.

IMHO, hulls A & B are for more secure areas while needing hardly any escort. For less secure areas the freelancers will do better.

I’m guessing the freelancers will have more speed because of less cargo but better protected cargo and bigger guns.

Hulls have more cargo less guns, but going into less secure areas, you’re going to want escot(s). So profit margins need to be considered.

Hulls A &B might more profitable as quick off load and loading of goods to a hull D or E in orbit around a station or planet.

I’d have to agree with Raximus, stick with the Freelancer as it gives you the greatest flexibility and other options to trading (e.g., DUR and MIS).

you’re welcome to take a turn in my Freelancer any time, I love it

yeah I want to have a flexibility of doing the job on my own most of the time, and only request a security escort when a situation really puts me in a pickle. Seems like with Hull series ships, i’ll need an escort for the most part, and I feel like riding the security blanket all the time will take away from me trying to do hauls independently. Think i’ll invest in Freelancer MAX.

xint, thank you for the offer and I might just take you up on it as soon as 2.1 will be mainstream as I don’t have the 2.1 access. Also trying to figure out why I’m constantly having “star citizen has stopped responding” crashes in 2.0 (non PTU). Super annoying!

The max is a good choice as It has almost the cargo i believe or more cargo then the Hull A and it should still keep the same main side guns although it does lose the rear turret for the larger cargo capacity. I think for what your wanting which is the flexibility and the independance. and again once you earn enough in game creds you can step up to the big boy haulers like the b-e

The freelancer has some nice big guns. 2 or 3 hits from its main guns and an 325 is toast.