Thinking about buying a Freelancer ... But which one?

Hey guys i really need your help on this one. Im stuck between getting a freelancer and or one of its variants. I want to be able to handle myself when combat occurs but i also want to pack cargo. The Freelancer Mis seemed like the best option that will fit my play style and i was wondering if A) it will ever go on sale again or B) a person/place i can buy one. Even an Upgrade package purchase would be helpful. Mdizzle out

It’s a great looking ship, have one myself but I went for the DUR variant as my interest is less combat and more towards exploration.

it may go on sale again or you could just buy a freelancer and ccu it to a MIS when it becomes available

Any freelancer is a good freelancer :smiley:

Alright im buying the freelancer then ill ccu it if the mis goes on sale or until a military transport is released

It’s all about the MAX. Love my fat bottomed girl! :slight_smile:

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I hope eventually that you can visit a showroom and wander around every ship available, I just want to see them all even the ones I have no intention of owning, that’d be cool.

one day in the verse i hope to own that showroom

Build to order is a much better business model, not so much merch laying around!

I got the MAX, but I have had nothing but trouble with mine.
First, it is stored in a really tiny bay in Lorville and I had to ‘claim’ it on PO in order to even fly it. I haven’t figured out cargo yet, so I lost a few thousand trying that. I am pretty good with landing now, but this ship had weird trouble taking off - I just sat on the landing pad with full thrusters waiting to move… twice! Once on HUR-3 and once on a planet. I also dont like the cockpit very much - it has a tiny viewing window. I guess everything would turn to roses and sunshine if I ever actually got some cargo sold…

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I got some Cargo sold! With the help of some of the guys in Mumble; I found a route to pickup, sell-pickup and the sell. It was VERY satisfying :wink: I would still like to run routes with 2-people, so that we had a gunner; but, if you are careful, you can just run the routes and not get into trouble.

Maybe some gun upgrades would help eventually…

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As a freelancer DUR owner for over a year now, I would actually suggest against it. I’m keeping it, but that’s because I want to specialize in exploration with a small crew. The cargo reduction is far more then they originally said it would be.

I believe it’s a fight between the MIS and the MAX. MIS for being able to handle yourself no matter what with some cargo capabity OR the MAX for the best cargo capacity for a ship that can land in atmosphere (CORRECTED BELOW). If I had to do it again, I would get a MAX, since I know I can rely on my org mates for security when I need it and all the cargo I would need an an independent pilot.

lol wut…

Oh ya, I guess I phrased that wrong. I meant the most efficient for it’s size, able to land in atmo, and fit through the smaller wormholes.

The MIS also has a satisfying “BRRRRRRT!” factor when you fire the stock guns. Played it some in PTU, was quite fun to rip up NPC ships with it. If you have access to next PTU, use the play money they give you to go to Loreville and buy one in-game to play with.

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