TheDutchy, new recruit

Hi all,

first… happy new year to all and lets hope we will see more great content in SC this year…

Little intro on myself. I am 38 yrs old and big fan of Chris Roberts work… Some of my first real games were WC Privateer and the WC series ofcourse. Also loved Freelancer, Starlancer and The Fringe…

After the space sim genre kinda died out I returned to RTS and RPG, although I never really could get into MMO’s at that time…
then started playing a MMO game called Vega Conflict. I started out as a casual gamer but slowly became a hardcore gamer in that MMO. I was part of the number 1 clan that time, but I couldnt keep up due to real life and so I took a small break and formed my own group called Black Sails. (yes from the tv show)

The game turned into a pay to win coinfest and I was proud that my group managed to stay in top15 for 2 years without any heavy coiners (thats what we called the players who payed heavily to win in that game). Cause of this, my group grew to over 600 people and I was co leading a coalition of about 1500 players.
In october 2015 I had an accident at work and I had to cut down on all stressfull activities. As leading this bunch of primates had become a second job I quit the game.
In the meanwhile I was already looking into SC and elite dangerous. And as SC was still in very early alpha me and some friends started playing ED. Now with 2.6 I am back on SC, specially as ED developers team turned out to be complete idiots, but I have no desire to run an entire guild/clan. I would love to contribute as I am a real teamplayer and depending on my RLsituation I will be a hardcore gamer in times, and a casual player whenever RL dictates my gametime…

What else… Lets see, I am 38 years young, I work shifts and have kids. So my online time can be really odd. But I always try to make time for events and other stuff…

Tried to keep it shortish… o7

Welcome to ADI, TheDutchy! Make sure you hop on mumble soon to complete your onboarding! I’m looking forward to meeting you in blackwell’s pub!

should have said there was a pub!!! will be there later tonight… I am thirsty

Welcome TheDutchy!

Good intro…we like getting to know individuals as a whole :smiley: I also want to take a moment and say thank you for your interest in ADI! I hope you were able to conduct your on-boarding, and hang out in the Pub a little, even if the taps are broken :laughing: Be sure to take some time getting settled in, as well as getting to know a few members; we hold a SC/ADI associated Friday night flight night which is where you can get to know many of them. It sounds like you have some good space sim experience, but know when to tend to RL which we stress here is good to do. On a side note, I think your shift work will really allow you to meet and play with a lot of our members since we’re so far spread across the world.

Anyways…ADI also supports a few other games, such as ARK & CoD, so if your interests lie with any of those, be sure to hook up with us there as well. Any thoughts as to what division you’re looking to team up with in ADI?

Either way, let us know if you have any other questions, and once again, welcome to the ADI family!


Welcome Dutchy. Whether you are a member or a board member in ADI, “real life comes first” is an official rule that includes everybody. Good team players and leaders are always needed, since we as an organization are aiming for the stars :wink: .

Welcome to the ADI, Dutchy