THE Very Best Force Sensing Joystick Money can Buy!

A lot of ppl like force sensing joysticks but want a better built/sensor quality and configurability than what the X65f offers (including myself). There is a solution for that.

The FSSB R3 is a mod for the TM Warthog made by Realsimulators (who otherwise build mechanical prototypes and dev software for the industry and military). Hardware and customizability of the sensors is in a league of its own. The only thing why I still don’t have this bad boy is the price of $600 (+$200 s&h and taxes) for the sensor (+$300 for the standalone Warthog stick if you don’t own one yet).

Cool bro. To bad its out of most peoples range.

Are these even available yet? I thought they were just vaporware.

It’s real and you can buy them as several ppl did over at SimHQ.

Well, it’s basically targeted at those lunatics who also buy virtual space ships for >$1k a pop that don’t even exist in-game yet.

I stand corrected.

Hmm. I just got a wired idea, to build a flight stick my self. Being an electronics student, I think it would be an interesting side project to do.

We’ve recently had a project with sensors and stuff, so it’s pretty much the right setup of force sensors. Not something to sell, but to see if I can get it working in at least one game.

My little brother is a software engineer, and he was telling me once about how easy it is to get sample hardware from various companies if you tell them you’re trying to put together a prototype or whatever story you need to give them that may result in you ordering the same part in the thousands… Him and some buddies at the office did that, and put together a set of remote-warfare dart launchers in the office, complete with what basically amounts to a CROWS system AND automatic target acquisition.

I won the jackpot and pulled the trigger on a second (standalone) WH + FSSB R3, I’ll let you know how it performs when I receive it.

I’ve been using FSSB R2 Cougar from the same people. Yes its worth the money. At least with this actually being released i can finally justify getting the Warthog stick, but i think im going to get a good set of peddles just for flight first.

i just disassembled my 2nd WH and put in the FSSB R3. After upgrading to the latest FW, playing with the different modes and testing the precision with Foxy I can already safely say: The precision around the center is amazing. You can literally draw pixel by pixel accurate tiny circles around it.