The Vanguard?

Looking at the Vanguard on sale for $250, who can persuade a customer on buying the ship? Whats the major differences between a Super Hornet? Or is this thing even worth it?

I have seen these questions being thrown around and open the floor to the ADI general populace, have at it!

I got mine today! :smiley:

Key points you might (or might not) like:

1.) Boom and Zoom. Fast but not as agile as the SH

2.) Very well armed

3.) Backup systems and can take a pounding

4.) Room for a bed (for long trips). SH doesn’t have one

5.) Longer range than the SH

6.) Sensor array allows it to perform well in nebulae and other areas that would play havoc with your sensors

7.) I can see the Vanguard being used in all sorts of roles:

–Exploration (long range and a nice scanner)

– Big bad heavy fighter in engagements that can take on mid-sized ships (just below capital ships)

–Command ship for those engagements when you don’t have a command ship that is larger

–EWAR ship

Also its LTI. Until the 6th, this will be the only time to get LTI and at the cheapest price.

This covers almost all points, but I’d like to add one more very important point: It can jump multiple jump-points once, AKA get to its destination much faster. So a couple of these could well be a very fast and capable emergency force to fend off a larger ship getting attacked by pirates.

I see the Vangaurd as a very diversified ship, with many capabilities and its intimidating look and feel, its definitely going to be a Bulldog of the front line or defense of any fleet. And with its Scanner and Jump Drive can possibly be used for recon and special operation deployments ( think drop ins/ drop offs like in Mass Effect) That’s what sold me on the Vangaurd, hopefully I’m not the only one who was sold on this

I see Vanguard as a rather specialized strike craft. For surgical operations like removing supply lines and going after command ship or Retaliators. I don’t think it is front line fighter as Aegis made them available in limited numbers, mostly for militia. So not your average cannon fodder like Gladius or Hornet. Losing it will hurt even with LTI because of time it takes to get such a limited ship from production line. Long range jump drive and extended amount of fuel will let it go deep in to enemy territory without making it a suicide mission. Advanced scanners let Vanguard pick the fights, so as always at work, safety first. Strong belly will let it take few punches from the turret and carry on regardless.