The new guy

I reasently bought the game and then received an email from ATI. It seems like this is def the kind of game to have a group to play this with. So far Ive enjoyed just the space trucken’ aspect of he game but Im looking to branch out a bit.

Welcome to ADI! space trucking is nice and relaxing sometimes. Throw on some music and just make a few credits :slight_smile:

Welcome! I think that you will love flying with us, and we are glad to have you! Let us know what we can do to help you! :grin:

Hey there, Mossy. Welcome to ADI. Space truckin’ certainly has quite a few adherents within the org, everything from small cargo to bulk caterpillar runs. Been a few since we have made a convoy out of it, but that has been known to happen, from time to time. Lots to see and do when you are ready to branch out. See you in the 'verse!

Welcome to the Org, Mossyfox! We a pleased to have you join our team. You’re quite right! It will definitely benefit you to have an org that you can rely on in this huge verse that is Stat Citizen. You can rest assured that ADI will be all of that and more. Looking forward to playing with you in the future.


Welcome aboard, trying to solo an MMO is no fun,(speaking from experience). :slight_smile: Space trucking is a good choice, if you want to try combat i can borrow you a fighter, if you want to try mining, there should be someone in the ORG willing to the same with a Prospector, or you could man a turret in a Mole.

Hey mossyfox, welcome to ADI! One of the best benefits of being in an active Org is always having a group to play with. Increases the fun factor 100x

Welcome aboard! Reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Hey Mossyfox, welcome to ADI
Its always a good time here, plenty of great people to hang out with and to learn new things with.
Hope to see you around and if you need anything, feel free to hit me up on discord.
Sum Dum Bum

Welcome to ADI! We have a great time here and there’s a lot of people with experience in all the different aspects of the game. See you around!

Welcome to ADI foxy! Truckin’ is a good way to make money. What ship are you flying to mule your goods?

Welcome fellow space trucker!
If you’re looking for something different, you could always try out bounty hunting or mining with fellow ADI members.

the freelancer for now!

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It has decent cargo. Better than most starter ships anyway. You’ll be able to upgrade soon if you keep hauling with that :smiley: Before you know it, you’re flying a Caterpillar

Welcome to ADI mossyfox. I’m glad you joined the team. There a lot to enjoy in the game spacetrucking is just one. You’re in for quite the ride.

Welcome moxxyfox, space trucking is certainly fun and deffinetaly a solid gameplay loop at the moment. There is mining, (you can rent ships in the game), and of course pew pew shooty shooty. Join in the ORG OPS, and i hope to see you around.

Hey Mossyfox! You’re braver than I giving “space trucken” a try haha. There are a number of things to do in SC with more to come. You’re apart of the right org. Looking forward to seeing you out there.

Welcome to the org mossyfox!

Great to have you aboard. If you need help with anything feel free to ask us on Mumbe chat and hope to catch you online.

Welcome to ADI, We done have a great group of people. I would say always jump in mumble to chat or just chill. We have a lot of really great people that play a lot and are very willing to share what they know.

Welcome mossyfox,

Keep on truckin’ buddy.

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