The New 1.0.3 PTU is Available!... BUT...

…It looks like RSI may have reset some folks password/profile for this one. So if your having a problem logging in the new PTU here are some tips to help you get in the PTU…

Go to your Launcher Setting and click on Reset To Defaults at the bottom of the settings screen. Then check Game Channel is back to Public – then at least your back to your normal log-in for game play.

Next go to the RSI website, log-in as normal, go to your profile settings, and click Public Test Universe in the left set of options, then select to copy your profile to PTU. Once that has completed it will send you a new email with your new PTU password.

Return to the Star Citizen Launcher, log in as normal, go to settings, go to Game Channel and switch it back to PTU, THEN you can log in to PTU with your new password ( and then of course the new update will begin to install and offer the launch option when completed ).

Also in the new email ( with your new PTU password ), you will find a link to the RSI PTU website, and it will auto log you in the site when you click the link, then go to your PTU profile settings and ( if you wish ) change your PTU password to whatever you want.

I hope this helps, I just had to do this myself. You should be up and flying within the hour - with all the new goodness!

Thanks for the heads up…now that SC is on my SSD ill probably hold off on the PTUs unless they offer something beyond bug fixes.