The introduction of Azilyn

Hello everyone,

I’m called Azilyn ingame. I got my first ship in february back in 2017, and have been flying around since then.
And I have bumped into this Org from time to time, and I liked what I was seeing, so here I am trying to become part of it too.

My latest ship is the Valkyrie, and I love how it handles in atmosphere so far ingame, which I try to see how far I can push it without crashing and then also have a Roc in the holdto get out and mine when ever some good minerals are spotted.

I like the aspect of mining, and it would be a part of something I’m gonna be wasting some hours on. And for that I got the Orion when that baby comes out as well.
Oh and I love the idea of exploration as well, so for that I got the Carrack along with the 600i, though I’m tempted to upgrade the 600i to something else. Maybe one of the hercules ships, when they get in the store again.

I’m not good at dogfighting in the game, so my focus is more on support than fighting. But not afraid to squeeze that trigger should it be needed. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meet some of you guys and also to fly alongside you guys :slight_smile:



The Valk is a fun ship, I tend to take it or the Cutty out when I go ROC mining as well.

Welcome to the org, I look forward to seeing you around!

Welcome to ADI, Azilyn. The ROC is a great way to make money atm in the Verse. I recommend going to Arial around Hurston. It’s very hot so get the primbrook armor down at Lorville. Take care and I hope to see you on Mumble.

Welcome to the Ord @Azilyn !

Out of all the different types of mining in game I prefer ROC mining. Good mix of game features. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI, @Azilyn! I think that’s the great thing about Star Citizen; there’s something for everyone! Of course, if you’d like to improve your combat acumen, the org would only be more than happy to help!

Ah a drop ship pilot. Welcome to the ADI.
Hopefully you can drop off sometime.

Welcome to ADI Azilyn, hope to see you flying around.

Welcome to ADI Azilyn. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing in ADI’s mass org operations.

Welcome, Azilyn! Great to have you here.

Welcome to ADI! Sounds like you know what you want and have a plan, which is never a bad thing. You have a pretty versatile fleet building there. And for a group this size, support is going to be one of the major roles that ensures we can survive. And if you ever get the itch to do some fighting, you will always have some backup and folks to help you get better. See you in the verse!

Hey welcome @Azilyn! Mining is a great choice and it is good to hear you liking the valk and roc combo. I am cutty and roc but the valk sure does look op for a hauler. It is one i want so good to know you approve.

See ya in the verse!

Hey Azilyn! Welcome to ADI! Those are some great ships. The Valkyrie is one of my favorites, but I haven’t had much time to take it out. I also like mining in all of its forms. I hope to meet you soon in game!

Welcome @Azilyn! You picked the right org for your varied interests. We have a strong community in both mining and exploration, and hauling as well if you end up getting that Hercules, lol. Also poke around the forum for some enlightening posts on mining, hauling, and trading to make your time in game more effective. See you in the Verse!

Hey @Azilyn, Welcome to ADI! A handful of us go Roc Mining regularly, you are welcome to join us. Hopefully see you in the verse.

Hello Azilyn, Welcome to ADI! Looks like you invested in some nice ships. The Valkyrie is awesome. Looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome @Azilyn! Sounds like you’ve the SC bug! I too love the Valk, and I am very happy to hear that you had run into ADI in the 'verse and had a positive experience!

Welcome to ADI Azilyn! We like space dwarfs around here!