The Division - Content for July & Older items

If you have any links to “The Division” news/resources/tips/etc. Post them and I’ll update accordingly.

All PC versions of the game will be available worldwide on: (subject to any change(s) they make)
/ March 8th at 6AM CET/12AM EST &
/ March 7th 11PM CST / 10PM MST / 9PM PST

::FREE Gear for your Agent::
Get 4 free gears sets (upon release) for “The Division” here: … index.aspx
Redeem your code to unlock your 4 Free Division Agent Gear Sets inspired by this video series!

::Login to this UbiSoft site to Unlock FREE Weapon Skin:: … index.aspx
This item will appear after 2016.03.15

::Explaining FREE or UBI-Credit Gear/stuff available::
Tactical suit in The Division, inspired by Rainbow 6 Seige and many more…

::The Division - Season Pass and Year One Content Trailer::

::Medic Agent Spec Recommendations::

::Tank Agent Spec Recommendations::

::Rewards Claim Vendor::
Don’t forget to visit this guy! This In-Game NPC will give you Uplay rewards and other gear.

::“The Division” point-n-click Mini Game on Imgur (sponsored by GameStop)::

::Prologue Mini-Game to “The Division”::
The Division Prologue Mini-Game “COLLAPSE” :
A browser-based game that presents the “situation” in a sudo-real context for the player.
Based on various information from Worldwide Orgs/Agencies in response to epidemic events.

::Quick OR Easy Uplay Reward Points for “The Division”::
/ Activated (15U) - Get to Manhattan.
/ Gain a Foothold (15U) - Regroup with Faye Lau in the Base of Operations.
/ Raid the Arsenal (20U) - Kill 1 enemy with each of the 6 Gun Classes.
/ Worth the Wait (20U) - Successfully Extract a contaminated item from the Dark Zone.
/ Skill Kill (20U) - Finish off 50 enemies using Skills.
/ Deconstructive Criticism (30U) - Deconstruct 100 items.

::Crafting Explained & a Materials gathering trick::
Crafting/Blueprint Overview
Gathering trick

::Weekly Gear:: … st_325_41/

::Daily Gear:: … o_329_330/

::ALL SKILL hard caps in-game:: … datamined/

::Where to Obtain/Farm for the New GEAR SETS:: … 1_edition/

::Three new FREE outfits to unlock::!/en-US/collectio … e-division
Rainbow 6®: Siege outfit
Ghost Recon® Wildlands outfit
Splinter Cell® outfit

Added more links - Thanks for sharing Ghlain!

Thanks! This was very helpful!

thanks for the links and info on getting the extra rewards!

You’re welcome! If anyone else finds more goodies, let me know.

Thanks for the free stuff, picked it up.

You’re welcome! Just sharing the love/adventure.

I’ve added three more links to the top post.

Thanks for the links. I love free stuff.

Slightly off topic, but do we have a group that is looking at getting together to run some missions on launch day?

I had it placed on my donation wish list which contains Sabre and this (listed Gold ver pref). :neutral_face:
Well, at least I heard a doctor is bringing pizza tomorrow and I will be allowed to try a slice. :smiley: (yes its been years I am excited)

Hey Sultan Here ^^ new recruit i’ll be playing the Division as well just wanted to say the links were pretty cool def will check it out on launch so excited for this game.

Missions - Yes, I’m sure there will be plenty of us taking on different missions Launch day. Can’t wait to see!

Hope to see you there. Hope you’re feeling well too.

Welcome! This should pan out to be a very fun game.

ALL Agents:
Anyone playing or looking to play “The Division” is encouraged to join and of the Mumble channels we’ll have on Launch day, or any day thereafter.

I plan to be online & on Mumble @ 12p (CST) [-06:00 GMT]

- Reminder -
Whether you have the game via Steam or something else.
You need to install & run Uplay. The game’s “party system” is integrated with Uplay.

Nice. I know there’ll be a tonne of review videos and people giving their first impressions when the date hits, but you’ll have to come back here and give us a quick review on how you find it. I’m interested to know how The Division will turn out and personal reviews can be better than mass videos.

Release date is the 8th right? … _know_for/

I updated the main post -
Quick OR Easy Uplay Reward Points (to unlock additional items)
PC Release Dates/TIME as shown inside Uplay’s launcher.

I’ll be on Mumble in the morning for the Division launch and I need to do my final interview with ADI as well …so I’ll knock it all out one shot. I happen to have the day off, I’m excited to play this one. So far I have not heard anything negative about it.

Added links for - Crafting/Blueprints Explained + a Materials gathering trick too!

The full length trailer and the movie (I think just a longer trailer) was great. I want to grab my rifle and backpack and join my team. :smiling_imp:

Of course by the time I get the software the game will no longer be played. :frowning:

Not to worry. I’m sure many people, including myself will be playing this one for at least the next year.