The Crew Race Updated

I was wondering if any one would be interested in doing a Road trip style race in the crew, sence it is free till October 11th, We are talking from Seatle Washington, Down to Key West Florida or/ and (if we have the time or another day) Los Angeles California to Arcadia, Maine. To get to these places no matter what level all you need to do is find a Station (whether that be Plane or Train) and fast travel once to unlock it, then once we are ready we will set up and race.

I was also wanting to record this, along with letting anyone else wanting to do the same too, if we all agree on it being okay.
But this is kind of just an Idea to throw around and was just curious if anyone would be interested in doing this. We will be holding the race on October 8th.
So yeah, Please repond if you are in or have any other suggestions.
Have fun and race on! :wink:


an interesting idea. Depending on the time, i would be on board for this.

That’s the idea is I want it to be a free night where alot of people can come join I mean 4-6 would be good but something like 10 in my mind would be better, I want a race where yeah its a long one but if you crash you are not entirly out. :smiley:

Ive been wanting to do a drive coast to coast in that game anyway, So this should be fun.

If you want to do a trial run, for timing and setting expectations, i will be around tomorrow and for a bit later today. To give people a chance to dl the game and get a feel for it, maybe set the actual race for Oct 1st.

I was thinking the 1st or the 8th not only to give time to “Practive” but also so others that just started have a fair chance to level up and all.

We (Me, Isopher, and Ted) tested LA to Niagra Falls it was 35 Minutes
Seattle to Key West is about 45 minutes.

That was a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the next time. Also, Ford Explorers hurt. :laughing:

P.S. Don’t land on a cop after catching some air.

Also remember to take that small turn and NEVER go to Roswell to get to Dallas, it makes the trip 7 miles or so longer. :angry: It lost me the race and the dream to even catch up.

Looks fun!