Thanks! I'm Nick!

Yo!! I’m Nick! Thanks for welcoming me! I’ve been playing StarCitizen since December and really like it! Just looking for people to play with. Im what my call a jack of all trades so I’m down for anything. Team work makes the dream work!

Welcome to ADI Nick! Happy to have you here!! See you in the verse!

Welcome in @Solidiceman88! Glad to meet you and glad you joined ADI. Hope to see you in the verse soon!

Welcome Solidiceman88!

Welcome to ADI Iceman! CYA round the Verse Bro!

Heya, Nick, and welcome aboard! I see you’ve already been active in Discord which is great. It’s the best way to start getting to know everyone.

Hi Nick and welcome to ADI!

Welcome Solidiceman88, Its nice to have members who enjoy group play. Hangout in chatting or check out the LFG channel in discord. Lots of activity happening.


Team work is most definitely key to it all, looking forward to seeing you in the verse. Jack of all Trades huh… quite sure you will eventually find what you prefer working on in the future :slight_smile:

Glad to have you in the org. There’s always group play going on here, both casual and structured ops. Plenty of opportunities!

Happy to have you here! Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI