Thanks for having me!

Hey all,
Thanks for adding me, I decided to start looking for an organisation when I saw I had a few invites and when I read up on ADI it was perfect!
I’ve got a lot of Flight sim (Microsoft Flight Sim X etc) and Arma experience playing with similar organisations so I suspect I’ll be very happy here.

I’m back online after a few years offline and slowly building the new rig, so will be adding a Track IR and Flight Setup as soon as I can, mouse and keyboard for now and learning to fly all over again but loving every moment of it.

I’ve got the Avenger Titan for now but will be adding to my hanger as and when I can.
I look forward to working and growing with you all.

I plan to explore all aspects of this game, I enjoy a simple trade or mining run as much as a good dog fight or tactical engagement and infantry action, Hell in Planetside 2 back in the early days I enjoyed the hell out of flying my Galaxy and simply ferrying troops back and forth, and I am totally in love with the Valkyrie Troop Carrier when I got my hands on it in the free fly event so I can see myself doing that again!



Glad to have you, Jameschu!

Looking forward to serving alongside you out on the field!

If you ever want someone to run through training scenarios with you I’m always looking for the experience.

Welcome James Chu! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

welcome james, just remember you can get all the ships in game with some work. titan is a good start. look forward to flying with you

Speaking of, Question, if I melt my pledge package (Aurara MR Game Pledge, plus titan upgrade, cost me $80), gives me $70 credit, if I buy then use this to by the LTI or IAE insurance (Ship only) ship from the sale…do I then lose the game package I got with the original pledge?

Hi Jameschu, welcome to ADI.

To answer your question, I’ve almost certain that, unless you use the credit to buy a package, then you do lose it, as you’re using credit to buy a standalone ship, not a package, but somebody else please correct me if I’m wrong.

You’ll find lots of opportunities within ADI to fly, and I really liked the Valkyrie when I tested it out from the free rental this week. As somebody who doesn’t have a strong background in FPS games (as in I play them, but I’m not great), I was a bit nervous about stepping away from the pilot’s seat and doing the Marine Basic Certification, but after completing it a couple of weeks ago, I can thoroughly recommend it to you as a great way to see what happens to the bodies you drop off onto the battlefield. Also, it’s given me the confidence to know that I can help out on the ground if needed - I’d definitely recommend you give it a go, as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and learn lots, as I did.

Welcome, Jameschu, glad to have you aboard! If you need any help with anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Yup I’ve been FPS’ing for years too and I’m pretty confident, played a few missions and the AI is pretty stupid at the moment so it’s a cake walk XD, I expect it to get harder as it goes on.

@Jameschu Welcome to the ADI family, great to have you here with us! You’ve got a great experience list already so you’ll settle in quickly with us no problem. The upgrades your going for are something many of us have done as well so big props. The free fly event going on right now is a great opportunity to get a feel for any other ships you might consider in the future. See you in the Verse.

Hey @Jameschu, glad to have you aboard. For the record: A good Galaxy pilot was the difference between us landing and us … still landing, just faster … and on fire… and dead. I understand wanting to look into everything, I signed up for space trucking myself, but that will likely just be a starting point. Anyway, I hope you find ADI as solid an org as I have. If you ever see me in a channel on Mumble, don’t hesitate to pop in with questions or to say hi.

Hey Jameschu, Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen. Feel free to ask any questions in mumble or discord, we have plenty of experienced players who can help.

James, welcome to ADI and thanks for the solid intro. It’s an exciting time to be in both ADI and SC as we are really pushing what can be accomplished in game right now. Glad to have you with us for the journey.

Welcome, I have been part of thiss community for the last couple of days and absolutely loving it, you came to a good place! :blush:

@Jameschu Welcome. I may have missed if your question was answered but you NEED to keep a game package in order to play the game. If your game package has poor insurance you may want to melt it and get one of the packages that is offered now with the 10 year ins or a Pisces game pack with LTI. Other option is to stop upgrading your poor insurance game pack and just buy the LTI stand along Pisces and start CCUing that LTI ship to what you want. Good luck

Thanks all, and thanks for the upgrade info!!

I’ve already jumped on an op and that was a great intro to how you folks run and I love it.

Next stop getting certified :blush:

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Hello James and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! The new computerTm is what alot of people are also rushing to get wrapped up before it goes Live myself included. How goes your own? Congrats on the Titan its a fantastic ship and the Valks excellent in its role. By the way: Vanu, Terran Republic or New Conglomerate?

Thanks I got my core system up now.

|CPU|AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Six Core CPU (3.8GHz-4.4GHz/36MB CACHE/AM4)|
|Motherboard|ASUS® TUF X470-PLUS GAMING (DDR4, 6Gb/s, CrossFireX) - RGB Ready!|
|Memory (RAM)|16GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 3000MHz (2 x 8GB)|
|Graphics Card|8GB AMD RADEON™ RX 5700 - HDMI, DP - DX® 12|
|1st Storage Drive|2TB SEAGATE BARRACUDA SATA-III 3.5" HDD, 6GB/s, 7200RPM, 256MB CACHE

It does the job but I plan to double that ram and up the gfx card at some point, as well as get a hotas and track ir setup and more hdd.

As for the last question, Terran Republic, what can I say I have a nack and penchant for ballistic trajectories and a fondness of organised militaristic societies :joy:

Welcome to ADI JamesChu. I’m glad you’ve joined the team. I’ll see you in game.

Hello James,

Also yearning for MSFS 2020 like a lunatic on a more or less daily base? I have to confess I do.

But first of all, welcome on ADI flight deck