Th3IndianMan Introduction

Greetings all,

I am Th3IndianMan. I am a total newbie to PC games and Star Citizen. What brought me here is my love for Star Wars and the space theme. Was looking for a cool community to be a part of and play the game. I am located in the Eastern side of the US. I work as a Data Analyst and Marketing intern.

Hope to learn more about y’all and the game and have some fun


Hi Th3IndianMan Welcome to ADI, Hope to Fly with you soon! what do you think of the new star wars series?

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Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI. You’ll find it a friendly bunch.

Welcome to ADI! You’ve definitely found a great place to learn and experience the ‘verse!

Great to have you aboard, welcome to ADI.

Welcome aboard! I’m sure I’ll see you in Mumble soon enough. Hope we can group up sometime.