As some of you know, I am in a software development class in my school. So this is my final exam project in this class.
So if anyone would be so kind to test out my software and write a review either here on the forums or on the sourceforge page.

If you’re interested in that part, I can tell you that the software it self is basically a reminder software which utilizes entered data to remind the user at the specified time / date. I need a review so I can write that into my journal that I did some testing on the software, so if you find any issues, please write them down, so I can release a bug free version. Plus if you would be so kind to write that you think of the design and how the program works, it would help me out a lot.

TL;DR If you want, I need some testers for my software to post a review.

Link to the program:


I tried your reminder software. The interface was clean and simple. :slight_smile:

Found a bug when I input my 4th event, the error message box showed and kept poping up until I had a screen full of them. Seems its looping.
Had to close it down by using taskmanager.


Hehe, that is debugging when it’s fun. :smiley:
How did you provoke this? Can you send me a bigger screenshot? (A more high-resolution one)

It happend when I was changig the clock for my 4th event.
Direct link to png: http://imageshack.com/a/img838/5254/s9tn.png

I think I may have an idea of the issue.

Thanks for the feedback Xiz, I found the bug and I’ll upload a new version later.

If anyone reads this, I do need some feedback on my software, it’ll mean a lot for me.

Greetings, sorry for bumping

I am going to write my final journal tomorrow, so it’ll help me out a lot if anyone would take a look at my software.
The software can be found here:

Extract Reminder.zip, you’ll have a directory called: Release, inside of that, you’ll find a _readme.txt file, containing my email. Please submit any reviews here.

To launch the software, just launch Reminder.exe