Temporary fix until oculus rift

Hey guys,

Most of you already have head tracking hardware probably, but for anyone who doesn’t and is waiting to buy oculus rift (such as myself) you may be interested in facetrackNoIR. It uses a webcam to track your facial movements. Not as good, but cheap alternative until you can drop your cash on oculus rift.


There are quite a few of us that currently own a TrackIR 5


And it works wonders and will be the best thing you can use. Some argue that OR will prevent proficiency, but that only applies to people who don’t have to look at their keyboard to hit commands on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and I just read a response in the thread on the CIG forums. Trackir 4 is only like 30-40 apparently :stuck_out_tongue:.

As far as the OR thing, I plan on hotkeying everythîng to one of the gamepads that logitech sells (in all likelihood anyways). I also read that OR may put a camera on the OR so you can look outside of it without removing it. That’d be a pretty good fix.

How are you going to fly with a HOTAS and use a keypad?