Tarkov Reporting for Duty

Evening Ladies and Gents, I’m Tarkov and I’ve been playing MMOs on and off for the past 18 or so years. Former 0311 Marine and now I’m just living the good life in Texas. I’ve been following SC since it started but just now have been able to get the time and machine to be able to play/test. Excited to be here and was referred by a fellow Marine that I used to work with. I’m hoping to make the fleet cut and am putting the time in to do so, but if all else fails I can and always will be a grunt first and foremost. Thank you for your time and can’t wait to enjoy my time off around y’all.

Evening Ladies and Gents, just got onboarded and wanted to say hello and I’m excited to do great things here in the future.


Onboarded by me.
Frostzone shadowed me to get a bit more exp.

Evening Tarkov, and welcome to the Org. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to play together in the future. Be sure to log into Mumble from time to time to help familiarize yourself with some members. Again, good to have you!


Hey Tarkov, just saw the double post. Where in Texas are you? I’m stationed at Sheppard AFB, TX at the moment. Good to have another member with military experience…a Marine at that; I worked side by side with a few Marines and it was one of my best assignments!


Semper Fi brotha, welcome aboard. Oh yeah, can’t pass this one up - welcome to the Air Wing haha :smiling_imp:

Welcome aboard sir!

Welcome aboard. Good flying with you yesterday.