Hi, I’m TacticalTac0 and I’m looking to join ADI.

Hi there TacticalTac.

First off - welcome to the community - it’s great to have you.

Second off - when you get a moment, try to hop onto our mumble server.
When you are there, reach out to any staff you see (marked by a |T| [AD] or [D] preface to their names) and ask about the on boarding process. This process shouldn’t take more than ~15 minutes and will allow you to take the steps necessary to become a full ADI member.

If you can, I would encourage you to try to complete this before Friday evening so you can join in on Friday Flight Night. FFN is a great way to get to know the community and see what sort of things ADI has planned for the future in Star Citizen.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us on the forums.

Welcome again!

Welcome Taco! I see you’re already on mumble so I’ll skip the “get on mumble” part :wink:

Looking forward to meeting you!

Welcome TacticalTac0,

I’m glad to see you got on-boarded. Thank you for your interest in ADI…we’re excited to have you as part of the family! Continue to hop into Mumble from time to time, so you can get to know more of the team. We look forward to seeing you at this weeks Friday night flight night if you can make it. Welcome once again!