I see, thank you!

Alright, new update. Apparently NA server characters can’t transfer over to European servers. Sucks, but whatever. I made a lvl 60 juggernaut and I’d be more than happy to help you Euros form an ADI guild on Red Eclipse.
Question is, how many American players do we have?

Further, I’m pretty busy these days. If you guys want to jump on it and move forward without me, by all means. I’ll catch up if that’s the case.

That does suck Val!

I take it legacy rewards don’t span servers either? If they do is be happy to help guys level up on RE (I basically need to relearn the game anyway). Also to help out I already have a guild set up on RE on both imp and repub sides.

It has a guild bank with some cartel items in it that is be happy to share our to org mates.

I could change the name to adi as well just it’ll coast me 3000 cartel coins to do so! But I have spare :wink:

Let me know what the plan is.

Ironically I am an american player, and most of my characters are on Red Eclipse. There is some sort of “law” or some junk like that, it supposedly prevents them from transferring players to other continents. Otherwise it is just data.

Actually legacy rewards CAN transfer from server to server. It’s still held up by their cross-continent transfer ban though.

Since the majority of people are on Red Eclipse, I say you guys stay there, especially since you’ve got the guilds set up. I’d be more than happy to level a new toon with you guys. That said, I’m hoping there are some of us on American servers. Call me crazy, but I’d prefer to play with my established characters :wink:

And since it’s tough communicating cross-time zones thru text, how about we all meet up on mumble saturday or sunday? We could figure everything out and finalize it all there, and I’ll update the OP accordingly.

And I’d like to remind everyone of Flight Night tomorrow night. I realize it’s pretty late for the Europeans but last week was a blast. Make it if you can!

I’ll keep an eye out for you on mumble Val and hopefully we can get something sorted out.

Totally understand that you want to use the toons you started. As you can see I have 8 and put slot of work into them. Wouldn’t want to start from scratch!

Doubt I could make this Fridays flight night due to time zones but I’ll be checking out the EU ones planned.