Sup my dudes

I’m excited to finally be apart of an organization and am looking forward to finding a role. I am currently traveling but will join mumble in the next couple days to complete the interview. A couple questions I have: Is there a limit to how many people will be in the organization? Will we be organized into squads/crews or will we just fill in spots for missions?


Hi nanderson,

Welcome! Looking forward to catching up with you on Mumble to complete your application :slight_smile: The only limit to size I’m aware of is the limit of people who aren’t jerks, don’t like drama, and understand real life is first. And of course pirates… but other than that we have a lot of opportunity still!

In the divisions there’ll be various needs and I’m certain times where a crew is together for a while (formal or informal), with real life first you don’t always have everyone available so it is nice to be able to be on select missions.


Hi Nanderson,

welcome to the Org. When you are back from your travel, i’m looking forward to see you on mumble and in the verse



nanderson, Good toi meet you!

Welcome to ADI !
As im sure there are going to many adventures to come with many crews and squads. I hope to see you in one of them!

Silverstash out.

Hello nanderson,

Welcome! I’m looking forward to getting to know you on mumble once you get back. What division interests you most?

Welcome to ADI Nanderson!

Hi Nanderson,

Welcome to ADI.

Hello Nanderson,

It was nice onbaording you. I hope the technical issue will be fixed soon.
If you have any questions, feel free to join us in mumble and discord.

See you around here and the verse.