Sulcart introductons


Greetings Sulcart, and welcome aboard here with ADI! Glad to have you here and I hope to see you soon in the 'verse! Make sure to drop by the Public Gaming in mumble we almost always have something going on.


Hey Sulcart,

It’s been a couple days since I played last. I see that you joined up since then. So welcome to ADI, it’s good to have you here. Let me know if you need anything.



Hey Monkman,

I saw you there last night in mumble. I just finished getting my ADI uniform for my character but kept fighing the crashes, had 5 of them last night and had to start over from Lorieville. So it was a long painful night. Hopefully, they can stabalize the servers in the coming months.



thanks bud I never hesitate to ask for assistance, but always try to figure something out for myself first.

look forward to working with you and everyone else in ADI!


Welcome Sulcart to ADI, were glad to have you with us =D, i see you in the verse


@Sulcart I know, it can be kind of painful sometimes with the current state of the game, but it is getting better, especially with the latest PTU. They have fixed several crashes and bugs as of late.